Yerba Mate

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  • Boost youthful stamina with iron, selenium & calcium
  • Repair environmental damage from smoke, pollutants and the sun with 15 amino acids & essential vitamins
  • Promote radiant skin & hair with chlorophyll, carotene & trace minerals
  • High caffeine

Tasting profile: 
A full-bodied sweet and nutty profile gives way to complex earthy tones, with well-balanced layers of bay leaf and olive character. A floral velvety elegance of barley sugar ends with a smooth, pleasurable finish.

Certified organic whole leaf Yerba Mate

Single origin:
Mata Atlantica, Southern Brazil
Sustainably grown
Ethically harvested

Tea notes:
Rainforest shade grown  | hand picked | classically aged one year in cedar casks

Each 100% plant-based bag is hand-filled, hand-tied and hand-sealed in certified biodegradable and compostable, non-toxic bags.

Always free of: GMOs, gluten, pesticides, preservatives, bleach, nylon, plastic and metal, with love, from Hawaii.

We are honored to share with you the worlds most luxurious tea made easy.

5 individually sealed biodegradable tea bags
Each bag can be re-brewed 4 (or more) times to make a total of 20 cups

Handcrafted in small batches on Oahu, Hawaii

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