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Clean, Sustainable Tea

Sip with confidence & cause

While our founder Jamie was attending culinary school, she was shocked to learn the tea industry standard of low-grade tea dust in plastic-based tea bags, glued together, and wrapped with more plastic and toxins. (Yuck!) She knew there had to be a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable way to enjoy the world’s best tea, easily, that was also better for the environment. Welcome to Hobbs Tea.

From regenerative, Organic farming to plant-based packaging, everything is done with sustainability in mind.

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Clean Tea

Welcome to truly clean tea that you can sip with confidence. With each cup of Hobbs Tea, you can be confident in knowing your cup is always 100% free of all harmful pesticides, toxins, plastics, sprays, bleach, glue, nylon, GMOs, preservatives, and BPH!

Responsibly Farmed

We partner with the world’s most sustainable, regenerative, Organic, and eco-friendly tea farms. Our sustainably sourced teas have multiple certifications, including 100% Certified Organic, Rainforest Alliance, Fair for Life, B Corporation, and kosher. Each ethical garden supports their communities by treating workers fairly and practicing Organic regenerative farming techniques that protect our land for future generations.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Plant-Based Packages

With deep love and appreciation for our planet, we do everything we can do to produce high-quality sustainable tea that is good for you and the environment. Our tea sachets are certified biodegradable and made from plants! Each wrap is certified compostable and printed with ocean-friendly, nontoxic water-based ink. We are proud to be a plastic-free tea!

Locally Sourced, Hawaii-Grown Tea

When we say Hawaii-grown tea, we truly mean our teas are grown in Hawaii. We are proud to partner directly with small family-run farms in Hawaii to offer some of the world’s rarest and most sought-after Hawaii-grown teas.

Trees for the Future

One of the many benefits of our company is that we replant an equal number of trees to the material we use. We believe in forward-thinking business that gives back.

Our Cause: Creating a Positive Global Impact With Each Cup

Every time you purchase Hobbs Tea, you’re creating a positive global impact. Each cup takes steps toward minimizing your footprint by avoiding plastics, toxins, and pesticides while supporting regenerative Organic farming, sustainable plant-based packaging, ocean-friendly printing and renewable energy.

Eco-Chic Refills

Discover our most sustainable, eco-friendly tea option. Bulk sachets that skip the overwrap. Clean and simple plant-based tea sachets to fill your favorite tea jar at home or easily pack to-go.

With each sip of Hobbs Tea, you’re helping protect the health, vibrance, and wellness of all people and our planet.

Start sipping with confidence and cause today.