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Sustainable Hawaii-grown tea

Clean from farm to cup

Hawaii-grown tea

Responsibly farmed on the biodiverse rainforest slopes of Hawaii’s active Kīlauea Volcano, our premium hand-harvested Hawaii-grown teas boast notes of fresh tropical flowers with soft tannins from the rich volcanic soils. Wild rainforest grown and naturally shaded by lush Hapu‘u ferns and ‘Ohi’a lehua blossom trees, our tea plants thrive above two active lava tubes. Watered only by the rain and high elevation Pacific Mountain mist, each sip captures the magical essence of Hawaii. Our 100% Hawaii-grown Mamaki tea is single estate grown and processed in Kalapana, Hawaii.

Clean tea

We do not believe that tea needs to be toxic to us or to our environment to be easy. Unlike most tea bags, Hobbs Tea is always free of plastic, toxins, dioxin, epichlorohydrin, bleach, chlorine, PVC, nylon, BPH, glue, metal, and pesticides. For the first eight years in business, our founder, Jamie, personally hand-filled, hand-tied and hand-sealed every single tea bag she sold (over 150,000!). There were simply no options on the market that met her unwavering standards for health-focused, eco-friendly, toxin-free tea bags.